Iya, namanya Desa Kalipucang.

Let’s start with these two unique girls who love to talk, that much. One is hardly crying unless there’s a certain occasion when her heart touched. One is easily dropped her tears whenever she want to. Both are tough girls. Both are facing their own nightmares and we accidentally met.

Chrissel doesn’t have power to close her mouth unless she falls asleep. She got a petite body, not that petite actually, she loves to talk that much too much it kills her not to talk in one day. Somehow that what makes her seems huge, because she is not afraid to speak loudly. While me, it’s enough keeping that voices in my head. We talked the first time, while sitting on that sofa. I don’t like her. Not until she said, “I knew how it feels.” then we get along.  Girls though. I think she is the strongest girl I have ever met. Why, she lives with her uncle since she’s just 3 months, even she couldn’t speak at the time. She told me her parents left her just like that.

But God, I find no sadness in her voice. She tells story without even knowing what happen within me while I’m listening to her. I can feel that emptiness when I look into her eyes. I can feel how she craves that affection from her parents. You know what, Ci, the moment you told me about the story; I never stop thinking how it is possible to live without a mother and a father. Thank God we met, I’m glad you exist.

 Idzni doesn’t have power to control her tears whenever we talk about mother. She told me her mother passed away when she was in 3rd grade in high school. She said she relieved because at the very last time, she was there, she never left her mother. Tough girl, I can’t even imagine when I got home and find no existence of my mother. I can’t even imagine living only with my dad and my sister and having no answer when I call my mom. Dear Idzni, I know you will meet her again. I’m sure she always smiles up there looking at her girl facing this so called beautiful life with passion and happiness. They say God never sleep, then I really am sure God never stop listening to your prayer.

I love you, too.

Okay, shed your tears, people. Let’s change the topic. Let’s begin talking about boys who apparently having the power to break girl’s heart. Yes? Sorry, no offense.

There are seven boys in the house, one of them named Ganis. I called him with affix “Om” why he looked like one. At the last two weeks, I begin telling him anything. Fortunately he knew how to treat a person like me. He knew what kind of answer I expect hearing from him and he knew when to push me facing reality. I know it’s just a month, and a person like him is actually hard to find in times like this. He knew why I think the way I think. Indeed, a brother I need. Thank God we met, Om. Thank you for reminding me to be careful whenever I meet new people. Thank you for being a good listener when I need to, and thank you for you always have an answer, at least until today.

Pas nulis bagian ini aku lagi makan telur rebus setengah mateng, Om. Terus inget waktu maskerin Om pake kuning telur. Kangen haha, kangen banget sama momen itu. Tapi orang bilang that what makes a moment priceless, karena ngga bisa diulang. Aku sayang Om Ganis :’)

Waktu itu di Pangandaran, gue duduk di ban, main ombak. Ada Om Ganis, Martin sama Rizki tiap ombak dateng, gue jadi terombang ambing gitu, gue ketawa. Iya sepuas itu, seseneng itu. Karena di tanggal 6 januari 2015, subuh-subuh gue nangis nelfon mama. Gue bilang takut gabisa membaur sama yang lain karena mama pun hafal betul anaknya yang satu ini ga mudah bergaul. Tapi mama bilang, “kan cuma satu bulan. Ayo dong semangat, itu pengalaman bagus lagipula kan kamu ngga sendiri.” kurang lebih kaya gitu deh.

You may call me excessive or something like that. I just happen to always feel frightened whenever I am being pushed into a new surrounding with strangers, I just don’t want to speak. It happens, the whole time.

So the other six boys I don’t know what to write

Martin loves gun. Clumsy boy who never wear underwear when he is at the house —

Why I knew because we made an award! We didn’t talk much, but he was the funniest boy at the time. He knew how to break the silence. Same goes with this one named Rizki. Everyone called him Pelo because his voice is heavy as a frog. He loves insulting people, including me. Still, the house would feel empty without those two boys. I love playing with his camera; he said I got skill taking photos. Well, I don’t know, I love writing. Next are Wega, Topan, Aldo, and Galih. Wega is like film factory. He got too many films in his hard disk. He also didn’t talk much, he sleeps a lot. We once talk about the so called future in front of the house, on the lovely chair; our favorite place to talk at night while looking at the empty dark street. He doesn’t seem to care about people, about the surroundings. But what I have learned is that a person like him, deep down in his heart, have his own conscientiousness. Anyway, he looks more handsome after cutting his hair. Yes, I mean it, Weg!

Topan loves to interrupt me whenever I’m alone, reading Murakami’s 1Q84. He talked much, he teased much. He got a lovely hair. He asked me to teach him English. Aldo and Galih are best buddies I guess. They never left each other, or maybe they love each other I have no idea. Galih is the chieftain. I don’t know what word suits for Koordinator Desa. He loves to complain about anything. He gave me a glass of water when I finished mopping the floor. I yelled at him a lot. I don’t know why he loves making me angry. Still, without him, we are nothing. Aldo is a spoiled boy. Hygiene boy, never want to touch anything unless it’s clean. Never want to eat anything unless there’s the BPOM mark on the pack.

That’s all for the boys. Now let’s go back to the girls.

There are two morning person in the house. Mami Nurul and Kak Astri. They woke up at 4 every morning, always at 4. I also don’t know why. I sleep when they wake up. I’m having trouble sleeping while they can sleep at 9 and wake up at 4. Mami Nurul got the best skill at cooking. Without her we would all starving the whole month. She also has the clearest mind; by saying clear I mean she knows a lot about religion. While I’m questioning about the existence of the God, she convinced me that God does exist, at least in each person’s heart who believes.

It’s just like Peter Pan, isn’t it? No I don’t intend to compare God with Peter Pan but the existence of Peter Pan depends on the kids who believe in him. Geez, whatever.

Kak Astri is in the same major with me; English. We didn’t talk much. She has a beautiful smile by the way.

Next! The wonder girls! Yang ngga takut sama apapun! Bahkan loncat dari ketinggian 12 meter if I’m not mistaken, waktu di Citumang. Yep! Retno dan Kak Risna. Maybe if I want to travel, I should ask those two girls since they easily overcome their fear. Then there is this one girl who happens to love kids just like me. Named Kak Ana, she’s sister-like. She loves to laugh, and eat. She eats a lot but never gets fat. I’ve been there. 18 years having a trouble gaining some weight. There are three girls named Renisa, Beki, and Niken who unfortunately begin falling in love with Korean Drama since week two. My laptop was one of the victims at the time lol. Renisa has a, what is it, funny laugh. When she laughs, I just happen to love hearing the sound of her laugh. It’s unique, Ren. Beki got an arrogant yet beautiful look at the same time. I envy her sometimes. Niken is a sweet girl, I envy your hair and wide smile.
Then we got Thia. She is the only person who looks like me. We don’t get along with people easily. She said so to me. We shared songs, books, artists and more. She’s in the major which I decided not to choose because I was pessimistic at the time. Yep, International Relation. I promise to myself I’ll work for it though. Last but not least we got Lusi and Rita. Both are comfortable in silence. Rita has a very soft voice we can hardly hear. She lost her grandma at week two. She said she wanted to go back to Solo but her mother doesn’t let her to because we still got two weeks left at the time. Lusi also got too many films in her hard disk, one thing to remember, when she sings the whole world laughs. You know what I mean.

Begitulah, meeting new people is fun actually but I’m sucks at the first place.

Thank you, for I got a new big place in my heart for each one of you.



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