the unsent letters

Past (Adj) – No longer current; gone by

Thank you. There I said thank you because I learned something from you.

You will never realize this but you did make an impact in my life. I don’t know how huge but let me tell you, the first time I entered college life I thought that life is about making a lot of friends. Well, turns out that I am completely wrong because it only happened in the first semester not in the second, third and now, I realized that I am all alone, and a lot of friends couldn’t help.

You told me once that, ‘Sometimes you need a friend to accompany you to get through everything, but most of time you’ll only got yourself to get through it.’ Actually I knew that even before you told me but I couldn’t find what words to describe things that happened in my new life. You know, that euphoria you’ll get the first time entering that so called college life. That’s why.

But after our long talks I learned something. I learned that life is not about making a lot of friends but how you can make a best one or two and keep them until the very end.

I love to discuss about many things. Well, it came just like that. One morning I woke up and some nonsensical questions just popped out into my head then I keep questioning about everything. I know that not everything is reasonable and I need to leave it that way. For example: the reason why we had such a nice, very nice conversation. I couldn’t find one. We just did, right?

‘Did’, past tense.

Everything in the past always forcing us to go back, while we should moving forward. That’s the second thing I learned from you, too. We should forgive everyone who hurt us, no matter how heartbreaking it feels, because in order to move on, we should forgive and we also need to understand their situation rather than hurting them back.


Well, it’s not easy though. But it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Still, whatever we do we cannot change what happened in the past. I think that’s why God put our eyes in the front, so that we should not look back but keep looking forward.

Rafiki said to Simba,
“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it.”

So, now it’s your call.

You know, at first I never thought talking to you would give an impact to me because I think words are just words anyway. And still I think you are the one who get this wrong. I know what I want, because it is me who is living in my body. Therefore I’m also sorry because you misunderstood what I’ve been meaning to tell you.

I have my own life and you have yours, too. But don’t you realize that we listen to each other almost every day?

Yes, I do care about you.

It’s nice knowing that someone cares about you, right?

Thank you. There I said thank you because I learned something from you.

p.s. It’s just amazing how things turn around in the same center.

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