the unsent letters

to the one who has no strength to love me

the sky is bright tonight.
i remember the time when you took me to cartil, had a glass of energen then got back home. the sky was bright, too that night.
it was fine, we were fine. that’s what i thought.

3 years and 7 months, too much things, too much feelings,
but no love.

it wasn’t love that we had, sweetheart.
it was confusion.

do you remember when i showed you my scarred arms? i told you i cut it.
but it wasn’t the cut that hurts. it was your words.
you told me i was crazy and you laughed.
how come you always have the power to say such things? and how come i have the ability to endure those years with you?

apparently, the world always gets what you want.
the okay family;
the bachelor and master degrees without hurdles;
the new gf with a super power to show those PDAs on social media;
the easy and normal life.

that’s exactly it.
that’s why we never really understand each other.

you always want easy.

but there’s a saying: “best things never come easy.”
so, what’s the point of having an easy with you if i can get the best one sometime later?

p.s. what’s normal anyway?

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